Lab Members

Current lab members:
Shuo Luo (Research Associate)
Taruna Pandey (Postdoc)
Neel Singhal (Assistant Professor)
Bingying Wang (Lab manager)
Changnan Wang (Postdoc)
Daniel Gonzalez (URAP student)
Hanna Guo (Undergraduate student)
Ted Daniel Llera (URAP student)
Minseo Kim (URAP student)
Fiona Oh (URAP student)
Jessica Sima (URAP student)
Jenny Zu (URAP student)
Dengke Ma (PI)
Lab alumni:
Zhe Zhang (2016-2021 Postdoctoral scholar; Current: Assistant Professor, Shandong University)
Meirong Bai (2015-2020 Postdoctoral scholar)
Evan M. Lee (2017-2020 Berkeley URAP student and Junior Specialist; Current: MSTP in Washington University)
Roman Vozdek (2015-2020 Postdoctoral scholar; Current: Independent Marie Curie Fellow, Eurac Research)
Andrew Chen (2017-2019 Berkeley URAP student; Current: UC Berkeley)
Slade Mengkun Yang (2019 Visiting student; Current: Ohio State University)
Yifan Chen (2018-2019 Berkeley URAP student; Current: Duke University)
Xin Wang (2017-2019 Postdoctoral scholar; Current: Researcher, Yunan University)
Kayleigh R. Cook (2016-2018 Berkeley URAP student)
Wei Jiang (2016-2018 Postdoctoral scholar; Current: Assistant Professor, Fudan University)
Min Qiu (2018 Visiting scholar; Current: Associate Chief Physician, Nanjing Medical University)
Yuehua Wei (2017-2018 Joint postdoctoral scholar; Current: Scientist in bay area Biotech)
Yong Long (2016-2017 Research specialist; Current: Associate Investigator, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Matthew Weisenberg (2017 Summer intern)
Song Chen (2016-2017 Visiting scholar: Current: Associate Professor, China Pharmaceutical University)
Yongjun Dang (2017 Visiting professor; Current: Fudan University)
Arthur Owen (2016-2017 Berkeley URAP student; Current: Caribou Biosciences)
Tao Wang (2015-2017 Postdoctoral scholar)
Sébastien Bedu (2017 Research specialist; Current: Institute Pasteur)
Shuailiang Lin (2016 Visiting student; Current: Bay area biotech)
Derick Bai (2016 Summer intern; Current: Brown University)
Patricia Caballero (2015 Laboratory helper; Current: UCSF)